Brief History of the UNY Postgraduate Program

As the embryo of the UNY Postgraduate Program (PPs), PPs IKIP Yogyakarta was initiated in 1981. At that time, PPs was a Credit Collection Activity (KPK) affiliated with the IKIP Jakarta Postgraduate Program. Because it is based in PPs IKIP Jakarta, academic affairs still depend on PPs IKIP Jakarta policies, while IKIP Yogyakarta only prepares lecture buildings and a few teaching staff. Currently the lecture building is located in front of the P3AI building, used for management and accounting study programs. The only study program developed at that time was the Educational Research and Evaluation Master Program (PEP). In 1983 the PPs program began to open a Master of Technology and Vocational Education (PTK) Study Program, with teaching staff from IKIP Jakarta, IKIP Yogyakarta, and UGM. The IKIP Yogyakarta Postgraduate Program just received approval as an independent institution on June 16, 1993 through the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education, Depdikbud No: 432 / DIKTI / Kep1993 by organizing 2 study programs, namely S2 PEP and S2 PTK.

At that time, the academic administration center was moved to the PPs program building (in front of the new PPs Building) and automatically IKIP Yogyakarta had full authority to take care of PPs administration and academics. In 1995, PPs IKIP opened an Education Management Study Program which was specifically opened for KNB students based on the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education, Depdikbud No: 378 / DIKTI / Kep / 1995 and starting in 2000 accepting general students. PPs IKIP Yogyakarta again succeeded in adding 2 new study programs, namely the Postgraduate Study Program of Out-of-School Education and the Social Science Education Master's Study Program in 1996. Along with the expansion of the mandate from IKIP to university in 1999, in 2000 PPs IKIP Yogyakarta changed its name to PPs Yogyakarta State University. The name change was followed by a change in the organizational structure of the PPs leadership.

It was led by a chairman and secretary, as well as a Head of Study Program, starting in 2000 it was led by a Director and Assistant Director plus the Head of Study Program and the Secretary of the Study Program. During his tenure, PPs were led by Prof. Moh. Amien, Ed.D. (Chairperson of PPs IKIP Yogyakarta in service period 1981-1997), Sumarno, Ph.D., (Chairperson of PPs IKIP Yogyakarta in service period 1997-2000), Prof. Djemari Mardapi, Ph.D. (Director of PPs YSU 2000-2008); Prof. Soenarto, Ph.D. (Director of PPs UNY 2008-2012); Drs. Wardan Suyanto, M.A., Ed.D. (Director of PPs UNY 2012-2013); and Prof. Dr. Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo, M.Ed. (Director of PPs UNY, 2013 - 2016); Dr. Moch. Bruri Triyono (Director of PPs UNY 2016 - 2017); Prof. Dr. Marsigit, M.A. (Director of PPs UNY 2017 - 2020) and Prof. Dr. Suyanta, M.Si. (2020-present) In a period of 5 years (2001 - 2006), PPs UNY opened 9 new study programs at both the Masters (Masters Program) and S3 (Doctoral Programs) levels which include: Doctoral Research and Educational Evaluation, Masters in Applied Linguistics, Masters in Learning Technology, S3 Vocational Technology Education, Masters in Science Education, Masters in Mathematics Education, Masters in Sport Science, Masters in Basic Education and S3 Study Programs in Education Sciences. Overall in 2012 PPs UNY had 16 study programs, 5 at the doctoral level and 11 at the master level in various concentrations. In 2014, PPs UNY received a mandate from the Higher Education to organize 12 Study Programs. So that the entire study program that is owned becomes 34 study programs which include 5 doctoral programs and 29 master programs. Currently, PPs UNY organizes 37 study programs which include 7 doctoral programs and 30 master programs.